Tennis Identity

New group from Loup. Tennis fashion with another life.

Loup Floral Dress Loup's 2011 fall tennis line is out. Yes it is made for the court although it really doesn't look like it does it? 

"We really try to push the boundaries at Loup with athletic style and want to give customers other options when they are playing tennis," says designer Danielle Ribner.

"We make styles people can wear on the court, but also feel comfortable walking around in, taking on vacation and working with their wardrobe. We have always felt that there was only one type of very athletic style for women playing tennis, and we aim to give people another choice that is more feminine, easy, fresh and influenced by what is happening in fashion now."

Ribner's fourth fall season attests to the fact that there is a market for more "street wise" tennis fashion, especially for those who play our game more casually. 

Loup floral-dress-back Pictured is Loup's Autumn 2011 Floral Gathered Skirt Dress, $95 USD. The cut is loose fitting, a drop waist with gathered skirt; a real toss on and go. You'll need a bra and pair of shorties.

The pieces range in price from $25 – $101. All are made from poly/spandex woven fabrics that are quick dry, wrinkle resistant, washable and dryable. Everything feels silky and soft but is made to perform.

 View the full tennis line at the Loup store.

The black jacket above is special order only. It can be yours for $110.