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New Dunlop Biomimetic 700 frame. A game improver for 2.5 – 4.0 tennis players.

Dunlop Biomimetic 700 tennis racquetThe Dunlop Biomimetic 700 hit stores today. The new stick is being billed as a "game improver" racquet for the 2.5 – 4.0 tennis player looking for a little more power in their game (read depth and pace).

“Overall, this is the most advanced frame we’ve ever created," said Hunter Hines, Tennis Product Manager for Dunlop Sports Group Americas.  "It’s absolutely loaded with technology aimed directly at providing players a very powerful, yet comfortable and maneuverable frame.”  

Here's the scoop on the tech:

Dunlop anti friction grommetsA 3Dom grommet system is designed with softer than usual grommet material which provide padding for the strings while allowing them to move a little more freely. This means less string vibration (so easier on your arm) and more string recoil during shot making. Additionally tiny ridges in each grommet keep the string from lying flush against the grommet bed. When string/grommet contact is reduced, the result is more string movement and greater power and spin for the player.

So why the nature scene? The biomimetic concept brings technology and nature together and here touches on the design of the sandfish skink, an animal that can swim through sand because of miniature scales on its surface. The tiny ridges on the new grommets are said to mimic that animal's scales. Dunlop designers have also studied human bone structure (how it supports weight) and wing shape on a birds of prey for a beam that is more aerodynamic. Nature has things pretty well figured out so why not imitate? 

Notes: The oval 110 sq. in head shape (16 x 19 string pattern) offers a larger sweet spot than smaller heads so those who don't move as fast as they wish they could might like the forgiveness for off-center hits. Players with more advanced strokes may find this stick to be a little too powerful. MSRP $210 unstrung. 

Find more info at Dunlop or buy at Tennis-Warehouse or tennis retailers worldwide.

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