Tennis Identity

Tough eco-friendly love for your tennis apparel.

The laundry detergent you use matters. Roux Maison Sport DetergentIf you read the care labels on your tennis apparel you've likely seen an increase in instructions designed to keep specially treated fabrics working the way they should. What you are using could be washing out a lot of what you've paid for.

An option to consider: Roux Maison makes a new eco-friendly Sport Detergent that eliminates dirt, odor and bacteria that can thrive and hang in technical workout wear. The synthetic-free biodegradable formula is gentle on performance fabrics, maintaining elasticity, breathing and wicking qualities. And yes, it truly does get that stink out.

The formula is available in Ambrosia and Sweet Tea scents as well as Fragrance Free; $16.99 USD for a 16 oz bottle that will do 40 loads of wash (.42 cents a load). Just two tiny capfuls per load? Believe me it's all you need. Don't add more.

Buy online at Roux Maison.

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