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Murray vs. Lama. Bajan Road Tennis with David Haye and Example.

Starting to feel like an Andy Murray fan site these days but here goes:


The Road Tennis Association of Barbados recently flew to London, to teach Murray how to play the street game.  ‘Road Tennis’ is a cross between table, paddle and tradional tennis, with players chalking out their own courts.


Murray had never played the game before, and was given one hour to  to master the ins and outs before facing Barbados' road tennis legend Lama. The result? Check it out. Pretty darn good I'd say.

Along for the fun are retired pro boxer David Haye ("I look good while I'm beatin ya don't I?" Hah! Love it.) and rapper Example.

Looks like adidas may be getting into Road Tennis kits. Those will definitely be the priciest part of this game 😉