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A hot new leather tennis racquet bag for the 1%

Wilson Leather 6 pack racquet bag
Wilson's newest leather tennis racquet bag is a beauty. For the person that covets high quality craftsman leather accessories, this is IT for the court, a real executive's tennis bag.  It also comes in a 3 pack (one main pocket) if you don't require as much extra space. 

The new for 2012 bags are constructed of full grain leather. The interior is  lined with a beige nylon fabric (wipe it clean if needed). An outside pocket is the spot for keeping smaller items: keys, phone, etc. There are a few smaller organizer pockets inside the 6 as well. There is no wet/dry bag so add a plastic bag  (how gauche) to keep clay and sweat from ruining the nice interior.

The price? The six pack (two compartments) will run you $600 and the 3 pack, $500. That's where that 1% might figure in. No pro is scheduled to carry this bag in 2012. It really looks Roger though doesn't it? Go ahead, you be the man (or woman).

Wilson will  monogram the strap on the bag at no extra charge if you send in an enclosed card and strap after purchase.

Find a retailer at Wilson or online at Tennis-Warehouse.