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Wozniacki’s Australian Open 2012 tennis fashion by Stella McCartney

Caroline Wozniacki best

WTA world number one Caroline Wozniacki (of Denmark) will hit the 2012 Australian Open in this new adidas by Stella McCartney tennis dress.

Adidas by Stella McCartney tennis performance dressCheck out the deep the mesh insert that runs down the middle of the chest and across the back and bodice; it's certainly one very selectively revealing and ventilated garment. A beautiful floral print runs through moisture wicking performance material where the dress is solid. The color? Tomato red and it's pretty without being brash (for the right complexion).

Curving seams emphasize the feminine shape although not in an overly clingy way. Shirred detail keeps it from lying totally flush in front. The flounce skirt adds fun movement to what would have been a much more provocative look had it had a straight skirt. The dress retails for $120 USD. A sports bra is a necessity. Stella wants you to buy hers with matching shorties,each around $50 and I think you really have to to make this look work properly.


Sebellica tennis shoe sideWozniacki's shoes are the new adidas Sebellica (also by Stella) and retail for $200.

Yes, it's a pricey tennis ensemble but I like it a lot better than last year's dress which had neckline no one seemed to love. Even Caroline didn't wear it as it went to market. This one looks really comfortable though, pretty and cool. She is going to look great.

Caroline Wozniacki in white version of Australian Open dressTake a look at the dress in white on right, a much better color for me personally; I get a little red faced in the heat, tomato red to be exact, lol. No need to reinforce that so I'll be picking up the white one (which BTW I predict will be Caroline's Wimbledon frock).

Find it:, Tennis-Warehouse and tennis retailers worldwide.