Tennis Identity

New products for your gym bag:

New products to consider carrying in your gym or tennis bag:

Armpocket Sport i 201.) Definitely not something to play tennis with but handy for training, running, treadmills or stationary biking. It's a lightweight pocket for your upper arm that can hold your mobile device and feed headphones to your ears without tangling or worse, phone dropping. The clear touch-screen allows in motion device operation. Multiple interior pockets can fit your phone/iTouch, key, gym pass and inhaler or any small-sized critical needs you carry to the gym or road with you.

Bonus (for me at least), the Armpocket Sport i-20 ($29.95 USD) also fit the mi-coach click-in heart monitor attachment I use on my iPhone. The Armpocket comes in a variety of sizes and colors and is made with moisture wicking materials to keep your skin from getting irritated. Make sure the model you consider fits your device and arm.

Kiss my Face Castille Soap2.) Tis the season for dry skin and standard soaps can make things worse.  Kiss My Face makes a new Peace Soap Castille liquid soap that is mild, hydrating and moisturing. Keep it at home and in your gym bag and your skin will thank you,  $2.99 for a 3.40 oz gym size. You can also use it to wash your hair. I love the lavender mandarin scent but there are others. Good for you and the world,10% of all profits from this soap go to the Seeds of Peace organization (develops relationships and leadership skills among young people from regions of conflict).

Kiss my Face Olive and Aloe Moisturizer3.) Still feeling reptillian? Try the company's all-natural moisturizers (not new but I'm a fan) app. $4.99 for a 4 oz tube. Love that these are all natural and never tested on animals. 

Paper-Shower4.) Lastly, when you simply must play and run, take a Paper Shower

Paper Shower is a new two body wipe combo that'll clean you up and hold you over. Each pack comes with two large-sized towelettes (9" x 12"ea), one wet and one dry. The wet one is saturated with gentle cleaning ingredients with enough power to clean up a light sweat. The dry one is soft and absorbent leaving your skin dry, not sticky or laden with chemicals, $7.50 per pack include 6 wet/dry towelettes (that's $1.25 per pack with free shipping).

And what about your hair you ask? Good question. Dry shampoo solves the hair issue. I like KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray (yes, guys can use it too).