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Tomas Berdych refuses match-end handshake. Prompts question.


The hand-shake refusal. In the heat of the moment, whatever the circumstances, is it right not to shake hands if a match was played fairly? Probably hurt like hell getting hit by Almagro's drive but it happens if players are aggressive and the receiver is not quick enough to defend. 

Big talented boy lost his cool and still managed to win a really tight one (that's interesting actually). File this one under not appropriate.

Are there circumstances where a hand-shake refusal is appropriate however? Multiple blatantly bad calls, using purposeful distracting behavior?

Your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Tomas Berdych refuses match-end handshake. Prompts question.”

  1. NEVER! You MUST ALWAYS do it, that’s why this sport is different form the others, this is the [clean] sport, the sport of the gentlemans!
    Maybe many thing has change in tennis sport, but this is a tradition that you should NOT violate!

  2. Not good form… It seems that both sides were not playing nicely (I didn’t see Almagro apologize either) and that’s not the tennis that I want to see. Surely, I’ve unintentionally nailed my opponent in the face before, but I’ve always stopped, apologized, making sure my opponent is okay, and to get the ice pack if needed. Come on! Berdych, you are a big guy! Come on! Almagro, it’s only a game of tennis!

  3. Berdych was hit from 11 to 12 metres, not from 3 to 4 metres. He had lots of time to volley the ball with his racket. Instead he played with his elbow.

  4. most players use ‘unsportsmanlike’ conduct a lot, which I call cheating. For example taking over 25 secs between points and getting coaching signals. Nadal and the Djoker are prime culprits. I think the only way to cut it out is for the umps to penalize them, but currently they let it go.
    Same goes for the women who scream after hitting the ball, that is against the rules but the umps are letting it go.

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