Tennis Identity

Your tennis match captured. The QM-1 offers an easy way to video your game.

QM-1 on tennis court fence with camera attachedVideotaping your tennis game can be eye opening (even a little disheartening) but it IS really helpful. The QM-1 Portable Camera support is a tool that mounts on a tennis court fence (inside or out) and allows you to film an entire match or a portion of it, including both sides of the court.

Parents traveling with junior players can use the QM-1 to bring a match back to a coach for analysis without incurring travelling fees. Teams can see how they move together and coaches can use it to talk with students about their strokes and footwork.

QM-1 with Vado camera attachedMike Lamens, designer/owner, suggests a few different cameras that work well with the QM-1. The Kodak Playsport ZX5, Creative Labs VADO and The Wingman HD are all recommended as they have a wide enough lens to capture the whole court.

Pay attention to battery life especially if you want to film an entire match. Download your video to your computer and you've got it to review and edit. Below is a video example of an edited filmed match.


The QM-1 will run you $69 USD. It collapses to fit in your tennis bag, is lightweight and super easy to use (no photographic or technical talent needed whatsoever). Learn more or buy at MyTennisTools.