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Babolat introduces an intelligent, sensor loaded tennis racquet.


Babolat has introduced a sensor loaded tennis racquet, the "Play and Connect," designed to monitor and evaluate tennis performance outside of your match results. The prototype was debuted at Roland Garros. 

Both Rafael Nadal and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga participated in demos at the tournament. The official racquet launch will be 2013. Until then only 100 Play and Connect racquets will be distributed and beta tested worldwide.

"This is a connected and communicating racquet that will give players information they can use to improve performance or just have fun sharing with other passionate tennis players,” explains Eric Babolat, Chairman and CEO.

The new racquet will be able to gather information on strokes, ball spin, position of ball on string bed, service speed, duration of play, intensity of play and more, AND then transmit it to your computer or smart phone via a USB port.

Players can set goals for themselves or compare themselves to a pro. All data can be shared with friends and fellow players.

“In 2004, Babolat developed the Aeropro Drive racquet specifically for the type of game I play," said Nadal. "… Having this new technology to capture information from my matches will mean a new way of analyzing my game” 

More info to come as the racquet rolls out.

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  1. Wow! Now this is what I now consider a high tech tennis racquet. Cannot wait to try one and see what it can tell us. Thanks for posting, David

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