Tennis Identity

Being like Bubba. James Blake teams up with Travis Mathew.

Travis Mathew James5
Fitting that James Blake debuts his new alliance with Travis Mathew on grass. Travis Mathew is a Southern Cal. based lifestyle brand perhaps best know for golf attire.

Travis Mathew James3

“[James] is our first tennis ambassador, but just the beginning of our foray into the sport. We believe our brand embraces tennis tradition and history, incorporates modern adaptations, and meets the demands of today’s game,"said Chris Rosaasen, President and Creative Director at Travis Mathew.

Blake will wear a pure white polo shirt with patch pocket at Wimbledon, the same one Bubba Watson wore at the Travis Mathew -Bubba  Watson in BO G polo BOG WhiteMasters (and is wearing in the image right). Called the B-OG polo, it's a core, classically styled piece with modern day tailoring that's designed to be used off court as well. The performance fabrication is a 60/40 cotton poly blend.

A Blake branded line is not planned at this time. Lookin' good James and hey, congrats on being a Dad! Wishing you some of that good Bubba success over there.