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Tennis Books: The Greatest Tennis Matches of All Time by Steve Flink

The-greatest-tennis-matches-of-all-time-1331571366The Greatest Tennis Matches of All Time is a new read by author and tennis historian Steve Flink. 

Beginning with Suzanne Leglen vs. Helen Wills in 1926 and ending with Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic in January of this year, the book presents the matches not just as they happened on court but as they happened in history.

"By visiting, or…revisiting, these moments involving legendary players," says Flink, "we gain a better view of how certain matches shaped tennis history and why the personalities at their center left us with such enduring memories." 

Read as intended, from front to back, you get an excellent education in tennis' growth over time. It's hard not to skip around to personal fav matches however.

A great book for the long time tennis connoisseur.

Published by New Chapter Press, $25.95 hardcover.