Tennis Identity

Three new products for your tennis or gym bag.

Ice Cold TowelsOnce soaked in water Ice Cold Towels honor their name. Use one on a change-over for a quick refresher or to cool down after a match. Draped around your neck or shoulders you will immediately feel the ahhhh. The thin 32" x13" sponge-like towels are made of absorbant PVA/cotton/plant material that pulls heat away from your body through evaporation. They do not drip or soak your clothing. 

Use the pouch your towel comes in between matches or any zip seal bag. These work remarkably well and if hand-washed will last for years.

$15 each includes free shipping to the US and Canada if you use the code: TENNISIDENTITY at check out. That's half the regular price. Awesome deal. IceColdTowels


IMG_2856Grip Scholar makes soft, tacky (in the good tennis way) and sweat absorbant overgrips emblazoned with college logos, tennis racquets and basically whatever you want. Got a team logo? They will put it on for you. 

They've got some big school names in stock: Harvard, Brown, Stanford, Boston College, Yale, MIT and more.

IMG_2857$3.99 per overgrip. Contact the company for special orders. Find them at GripScholar.


Coppertone Sport Pro Series with DuraflexCoppertone's new Sport Pro Series with DuraFlex is a spray-on (no pumping) sunscreen that moves with your skin. It was designed for extreme conditions that trigger sweating (therefore tennis). Because it resistant to sweat, it won't run and need frequent reapplication. The Duraflex formula also allows your skin to breathe so you don't overheat. It is UVA/UVB protective in SPF #15, 30 and 50 and won't aggravate acne conditions (great news for teen players). 

I found it lightweight, effective, and as comfortable as sunscreens can be. It does feel a bit sticky until it fully dries.

As always I recommend putting your sunscreen on and letting it dry before you get dressed so you don't miss spots or get sunscreen or your apparel.

Approx. $11.00 and available wherever Coppertone sunscreen is sold.