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Dunlop Announces 6 New Biomimetic Tennis Racquets for 2013.

Dunlop 2013 racquets
Dunlop has announced the addition of six new tennis racquets for the 2013 season.  Highlights include four entirely new frames with new molds and specs and three new Biomimetic technologies including BioFibre to reduce shock, AeroSkin to reduce aerodynamic drag and MoS2 grommets that help to reduce string friction. 

The racquets are organized according to swing style (see color tagged racquets above at the TIA Tennis Show- dups make 8 for those counting):

The F Series (with blue label) is for those who play with an aggressive full/fast swing and are looking primarily for speed and precision. (One racquet, the F 3.0 Tour with 98 sq. in. head, 10.86 oz unstrung)

M.Series (green label) sticks are for those with a medium or more moderate swing, those players looking for a little extra assistance with spin, power and manueverability. (M 3.0 98 sq. in. head, 10.51 oz; M 6.0 102 sq. in. head, 9.98 oz.)

S. Series (red label) sticks are for players with a short and slower swing, wanting help with power, enhanced comfort and forgiveness. (S 3.0 Lite, 98 sq. in head size, 9.35 oz; S 6.0 Lite, 105 sq. in head, 9.7 oz; S 8.0 Lite, 115 sq. in, 8.95 oz).

All new racquets are 16 x 19 string pattern except the F 3.0 Tour which is 18 x 20.

The new group will be out and available beginning in October 2012. More info at Buy or test drive at Tennis-Warehouse or tennis racquet retailers worldwide.

Dunlop sponsored ATP and WTA players include: Jurgen Melzer, Tim Smyzcek, Philip Marx, Mick Lescure, Daniel Masur, Tiago Fernandes, Fernando Verdasco, Heather Watson, Mate Pavic, Tommy Robredo, Dominika Cibulkova and Petra Rampre.