Tennis Identity

Andre Agassi and Gil Reyes want to pump you up. #tennis

BILT 101
Anyone who has read OPEN knows the pivotal role Andre Agassi’s strength and conditioning trainer, Gil Reyes played in Agassi’s tennis career. Reyes worked his magic using a variety of techniques including custom built tennis-specific fitness machines. Today those machines, sold under the name Bilt by Agassi & Reyes are available to anyone.

“…Gil and I developed the machines with the intent to make me a better player, always recognizing the importance of strength, conditioning and safety.” said Agassi. “Collectively, after almost two decades, we wanted to give our gift to an industry and public that seeks and deserves innovation.”

C.O.D. machineThe twelve new machines are built for productivity: high intensity muscle isolation to safely build strength without injury. Key pieces include: the BILT Flat Bench, Change of Direction or C.O.D. Machine (pic left), and BILT Abdominal Machine.

“My goal was to maximize Andre’s training, while allowing him to enjoy the hard work. The machines…enhanced his training efforts.” said Reyes who is now an internationally renowned trainer to some of the world’s best athletes.

The machines run up to $6 K+ for the C.O.D. machine. 

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