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Maria Kirilenko back in again with Stella McCartney.

Maria Kirilenk on Stella McCartney Barricade line
Surprise, surprise, Maria Kirilenko is back wearing Stella McCartney. The announcement was made today at the adidas Stella McCartney barricade line launch in Melbourne. 

Back in 2008 Kirilenko was the only WTA player wearing adidas by Stella. She was then moved to adidas' Barricade line. Have to say she looked snazz in both but her petite frame is perfect for the designer range.

Alas, adidas Barricade and adidas by Stella McCartney have merged and Maria is back. Lovely.

2 thoughts on “Maria Kirilenko back in again with Stella McCartney.”

  1. I bet stella and adidas realized that Maria Kirilenko knows how to bring a nice outfit than Wozniacki, kirilenko is beautiful and sexy. Everyone loves her. 🙂

  2. Agree with you Carl. Maria looks gorgeous in the Stella apparel. The line should never have dropped her. Glad they realized the error and brought her back in.

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