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Djokovic’s toolbox and win at Aus Open.

Congratulations to Novak Djokovic who earned his third consecutive men's singles Australian Open title and sixth Grand Slam Sunday.

Tennis coaches often refer to building a "toolbox," meaning your repertoire of shots and tactics on court. Clearly, Djokovic's toolbox is complete, a veritable workstation packed with the best in speed, footwork, fitness, recovery, shot making and mental strength.

Amazing stuff watching it all come together match after match. His stick, a key part of said box of course, the just-out HEAD YouTek Graphene Speed Pro.


NOTE on apparel: Love the jacket here. Unfortunately, it's not available, neither is the shirt, nor the shorts…not at the moment anyway. Bummer. We got excited last year when UNIQLO  offered up some of Novak's US Open apparel at two stores in NYC. Hoping that they work through the kinks and get the stuff out there.