Tennis Identity

New from ASICS, tennis racquets.

ASICS 109 tennis racquetASICS has expanded its commitment to tennis with the introduction of tennis racquets. The collection has its sights set on the club player with three oversized models: ASICS 109, 116 and 125.

Key elements are, long main strings, a fan-shaped stringing pattern, and a teardrop-shaped frame that is wider than most OS racquets on the market (esp. the 116 and 125). The result is a larger center radius that is forgiving of off-center hits and offers power and spin assist for those who do not use full, fast swing technique. Left is the 109 which is the smallest head size (109 sq. in.).

"We continue to increase our brand beyond running and demonstrate our passion for all sports," says Kevin Wulff, CEO of ASICS Americas.  "… Our new racquets will give the adult players the competitive edge they desire." 

The racquets will be sold unstrung and are recommended for use with new ASICS Resolution 16 or 17 gauge or ASICS Challenger 16 or 17 gauge string.

ASICS racquets will be available in specialty tennis and pro shops as well as online retailers soon, $189.