Tennis Identity

Jelena Jankovic debuts Fila’s new Carwash dress.

Jelena Jankovic in Indian Wells_Copyright Getty Images

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Jelena Jankovic debuted the new Fila Heritage Carwash tennis dress yesterday in Indian Wells. Sassy little drop skirt on this one. What look like pleats are really strips of fabric that sway and bounce as you move on court, just like the carwash before it went touch free. Unique place for a fashion brainstorm ehh?

Fila Carwash Dress in WhiteLeft is the dress in white without the sweater. It has a t-back and built in bra. Sleek, pretty and most of all fun to wear.

Jankovic popped the new Heritage Sweater on over a blue version of the dress above. The effect? Vintage varsity cheerleader, classic but very fresh and yes…peppy (haven't used that word in a while).

The dress is $90 and the sweater, $80. 

Find it at and Fila retailers worldwide.