Tennis Identity

Athletic DNA, chillin’ long and loose.

Athletic DNA Mens Graphic tee
Athletic DNA's Spring 2013 men's line is all about attitude and comfort, something young U.S. guys want in everything they wear. Look around any American high school or college and you'll see legions of loose fit graphic tees, hoodies and long, draw-string shorts. Are you going to get this group into a tidy, close fit RF polo and button shorts. I think not.

Athletic DNA Nitro Performance TeeWhat these guys wear for chillin' is what they want for the court. Problem is, that look is not meant for exertion. Enter Athletic DNA with to the knees baller shorts, edgy graphics and airy performance fabrics that hang just the right way without getting in the way of game. 

Athletic DNA Mens Spring Viper long sleeveLogo Tee above, $40; Tournament Short above, $54; Nitro Performance Tee (left), $56; and Viper long sleeve, right, $44.

Good for the gym too.

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