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Technical problems in tennis fashion.

“To each her own” as the saying goes, so I usually point to what I like and leave the tennis fashion I don’t to other tastes. Technical issues cross both the loved and not however. Although many of tennis apparel’s past problems have been addressed with assets like fabrics that breath and fight odor or bonded seams that don’t irritate, there is still work to be done:

1.)  Quite a few of us need sun protection and want tennis apparel that is flattering, all performance, lightweight AND sun protective. True, brands market UV fabrics, but here’s the deal, UV protective tanks, tees and shorts are useless. Help us. Our skin must be covered and we are red faced, zipped up in long sleeves and leggings designed for cool weather play. And yes…we do have to play outside in the sun.

2.)  Cute strappy tops don’t work with standard bra
styles, so something built in and functional is necessary. Yah that design is cool but put an out-of-the-drawer sports bra under it and I’m positive that’s not how the designer envisioned the look. Only a handful of brands are getting this right but for the small chested only.

3.)  Flimsy shelf bras suck. We need functional bras that include light padding. Thin performance fabrics are remarkably revealing. Brands should scrap the basic shelf bra altogether and we’ll wear our own (design to fit over it or see above). Some
people actually cut shelf bras out to avoid the double elastic of shelf and regular bra.

4.)  Make tennis shorts complete with built in compression shorties or ample pockets. Tennis shorts that cannot hold at least 2 tennis balls are not useful.

5.)  Love the skirts with leggings. Keep ‘em coming but remember, we are not starving models and solid light
colors make our legs look like sausages in short skirts
. Surely there is some design trick that can help minimize the problem.

That’s it (for now). Looking forward to seeing what rolls out next and please…someone make something decent for the sun soon.

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2 thoughts on “Technical problems in tennis fashion.”

  1. Great post, and I hope the clothing mfrs pay attention! So hard to stay focused on your game when you’re distracted by strap worries, or skirt that rides up, or worries about sunburn . . .

  2. Great post. I’ve passed on cute tops just because I can’t wear a proper sports bra underneath without taking away from the design of the top. I recently bought a Lululemon top with a substantial built in bra with removable cups and wore it to play tennis. No worries about jiggling. Need more of this in tennis clothing.

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