Tennis Identity

Nike @Roland Garros. Serena Williams

Love this tennis dress. Beauty squadron blue (almost steel) color and with the accents of citrus it's an absolute ace. I've got to say that this is one of my favorites at Roland Garros 2013. Power-full beauty.

The Nike Women's Summer 1 Wrap Knit Dress dress solves the coverage riddle for many of us and flatters at the same time. It slims as it accents the waist and sleekly provides just enough fabric so as not to cling too tightly. A built in bra with molded cups will work for all but the most amply chested but the style is such that a bra can be added without eyesore.

Here's the rest of of Serena's gear in Paris:

FrenchOpen_Serena_Laydown_large (1)

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