Tennis Identity

Say ciao bella to C’mon, Italy’s newest tennis fashion secret.

Cmon Tween

Marche, Italy is home to Cecilia Marchegiani, recreational tennis player and designer of the beautiful tennis dresses you see here.

Cmon Sand

Marchegiani started playing tennis as an adult and was quickly bored with what she felt was a sameness about the fashions women were wearing. She began making styles for her own game and soon after for admiring friends. C'mon tailoring shop was born.

Fresh, fun and custom cut, Marchegiani's stand-out styles are designed for the movement, grace, energy and power so inherent in womens tennis. 

Cmon Silvy

Cmon fabrics are all performance, breathable microfibra in polymide and elastan. Bras for smaller chests can be built in upon request. BYOB for those more amply endowed. Garment prices range from approx. $80 – $120 USD.

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