Tennis Identity

Rockets, Satellites and Rafa.

Rafael Nadal at Roland_Garros_2013
Pre match Rafa rituals I can and can't emulate: Tie a bandana? Line up my water bottles? Yup. Strap on a Richard Mille watch? In my dreams. Pretty darn spectacular for sweating. 

Rafael Nadal Richard Mille watch

RM 027_NEWRafa has worn a Richard Mille watch on court since 2010. Most players pop their watches on after they play. Rafa's appears to be one with the kool-aid concoction of rituals that make his game sing.

The latest version is the RM 027 Rafa Nadal Tourbillon (his name is printed inside the watch face), 13 grams light, made of titanium and LITAL alloy, a high lithium content, shock resistant material used on the Airbus A30, rockets, satellites and…now Rafa.

Big beautiful bucks this one is. Something for sheiks and world 1%. I want one. 

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