Tennis Identity

Aga plays with tradition. Radwanska, Lotto + Wimbledon.

Agniezska Radwanska _Wimbledon 2013 Copyrigh Ray Giubilo

© Ray Giubilo

Agniezska Radwanska's newest tennis dress is a great fit for Wimbledon. I love how it mirrors Aga's calm and patient demeanor on court as well as long-time grass court fashion tradition. 

Classically styled, the new SS13 Greta Dress by Lotto, is elegant yet sporty with a look any tennis purist will love. 

Aga Radwanska Wimbledon 2013 2 Copyright Ray Giubilo

© Ray Giubilo

Pretty, crisp crepe ribbon detail across the chest and back adds sophisticated femininity that offsets a girlish vintage cut and flounce skirt.

Fun and so very classic.

Find a retailer at or buy at Tennis-Warehouse soon.