Tennis Identity

Andy Roddick joins James Blake and TravisMathew on the tennis court.

Andy Roddick has joined TravisMathew as investor and brand ambassador. Andy and James Blake are now the only two tennis players in a stable of male golfers wearing the brand. 

Andy Roddick Ambassador for TravisMathew
Recognize Andy below? I for one miss the guy on tour but am happy to see him growing in new directions. May that serve never change.

Andy Roddick for TravisMathew
Both Roddick and Blake are wearing a new TravisMathew fitness line called the TMCA collection. Above, Andy wears the Spicoli short, Riggs cap and Penner T-shirt from the group.

Below, James relaxes in a B-Bahamas cap, Stringer polo, and Laguna short.

This is all great looking all-performance tennis gear that can go for an early am Starbucks, to the court or to the greens. So very cool California.

James Blake for TravisMathew

Below, more fun with Andy:


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