Tennis Identity

SS 2014 tennis fashion preview. EleVen by Venus Williams.

EleVen by Venus Fiore Floral group SS14
Venus Williams recently unveiled her Spring/Summer 2014 EleVen by Venus Williams sportswear line. Grab a drink and come along.

IMG_6076The pretty collection is a medley of influences combining art influenced feminine prints, jewel tones, layering, mesh inserts and back details.

First out will be Venus' Fiore Floral and a Tie-Die group. Both are really fun prints in fitted, super-soft performance fabrications.

EleVen by Venus tie die black

Below are some of the other colors and patterns coming out next year. Summer lines will include a yellow striped Strice group and Aurora print; both will be paired with solids.

A menswear group (classic tees, polos and shorts), which you can see some of in yellow, green and white on the right hand side of the rack below, is also included in EleVen's upcoming releases.

EleVen by Venus rack SS14

"I'm feeling more confident with my fashions," said Venus when we sat down to talk. Recent successes have emboldened her decision making. "I've done some experimenting but today, my line is really about having fun. I try to reflect who I am. It's fun and alive and says enjoy who you are and your individuality." 

IMG_6069EleVen's collections include moderately priced pieces for all body styles and Venus is finding ways to serve her customers' requirements. "Some women don't want to show their arms, some like longer skirts, for example…" 

Bra top EleVenLooking to Fall 2014, Venus plans to roll out "Elite EleVen," a more upscale collection that will include high impact bras. Coordinating low and medium impact bras are included in the current group (see left).

Did you know? Venus and Serena keep one of every tennis outfit they have ever worn in competion (that's quite a wardrobe). "We have fun trying them on again from time to time…'Remember this one? we say…'" Venus laughs. 

EleVen by Venus Williams is made in the USA. Her current lines are available at Tennis-Warehouse.