Tennis Identity

Althea Gibson and the Williams sisters featured in TIME Magazine’s new book of covers.

Time Magazine_Althea Gibson_Portrait by Boris Chaliapin

© TIME – Portrait by Boris Chaliapin

Since 1923 TIME Magazine covers have chronicled some of the world's most central heroes, tragedies and stories. Just three tennis players have looked out from the red border: Althea Gibson, featured on TIME's August 26, 1957 issue, and Venus and Serena Williams who ran together on September 3, 2001.

Inside the Red Border: A History of Our World, Told through the Pages of TIME Magazine, provides a historic narrative of the people and events featured on the publication's cover. The tennis three are among a sizeable number of world shaking sport icons.

Time Magazine_Venus and Serena Williams_ Photo by Andrees Latif Reuters

© TIME – Images by Andrees Latif/Reuters

In 1957 and 1958 Althea Gibson was #1 in women's tennis. In 2001, Venus Williams held an end of year rank of #3 and Serena #6. The following year Serena was #1 and Venus #2. You know the history from there. So much for the cover jinx. These women broke a mold.

I'm a little surprised not to see Billie Jean King in the mix given her enormous contribution to tennis and women's athletics in general. 

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