Tennis Identity

Dr. Novak and Mr. Nole. “It’s all mental in the end.” N.D.


There are two sides to Novak Djokovic's personality, the off-court joker and the steel focused on-court tennis superstar. The above video, served up by adidas, Novak's footwear sponsor, shows how these two sides allow him to deal with the intense pressure of playing pro tennis at its highest level.

Djokovic's success has come through preparation that ensures a complete balance. Read more about his training regime and lifestyle in his eye opening book Serve to Win. The guy eats and lives very clean and he wants you to too.

DjokovicBarricadesDjokovic has worn adidas Barricades his entire career and has won six Open championships wearing the iconic adidas tennis shoe. adidas signed an official contract with Djokovic in May 2013