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Cheap tennis fix under $20: Racquet performance extensions by Pojie

Pojie package
Pojie is a new product that might make a big difference in your tennis game. Yes, it’s legal and in fact, have already made an appearance at the US Open and in NCAA play.

Pojie installedSimple to work into the stringing process, Pojie’s four little racquet add-ons increase your racquet’s sweet spot, add spin and improve control. They can be installed in any size frame. Both smaller and oversized racquets benefit but for different reasons.

According to David Warren, President of String Advantage, maker of Pojie, “Players at the 3.0 level will benefit from the Pojie due to the increased sweet spot. At this level ball contact can be inconsistent and off centered. Pojie adds forgiveness.

Elite level players will find that added dwell time will result in better Pojie hittingball speeds and more pocketing.

Oversized racquets have larger sweet spots but there isn’t an increase in dwell time which is why Pojie works so well on any frame; the ball sits on strings longer which results in more power and confidence.”

Bonus: Anyone wary of tennis elbow may find these make hitting more comfortable.

Certainly worth the $15.95 try before you give up on your old stick. Find Pojie at