Tennis Identity

Red hot tennis fashion.

Tennis Identity Red Hot Tennis Fashion November 2013
Fire up your game and get noticed with any one of these red hot styles. Color inspires and crimson adds passion to the day or night. With days growing shorter and cooler, we could all use the energy boost.

1) Eliza Audley Women’s Wrap It Up Stitch Dress, $136.00 USD; 2) Babolat Bandana III, $5.95; 3) Cortiglia Belvedere Rosso Bag, $435.00 (; 4) New Balance Women’s Fall Tonic Bra, $28.99; 5)  Fila Women’s Essenza Pleated Knit Skort, $42.99; 6) Babolat Jumbo Wristbands II, $4.50; 7) Park Guilfoyle Tennis Bag, $1095.00 (; 8) Pure Lime Women’s Glee Split Tank, $57.99.

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