Tennis Identity

Maria Sharapova takes her game to the mat with Nike’s Free TR 4.

Maria Sharapova introduces NIKEiD_Free_TR_4

Maria Sharapova's empire is expanding. Strength training is the foundation of today's tennis game and so it is fitting that Sharapova promotes her tennis outfitter's workout lines. Is a Maria-Sharapova-for-Nike gym line next? I think so.

First up, design your own fitness oriented Nike footwear. Whether you choose cardio, core or strength training, the Nike Free TR 4 delivers style and performance that can be uniquely yours. Inject your own inspiration or use Maria's as your own.

Nike Free_TR_4_Maria_Sharapova“There are a lot of things that inspire me when I’m designing a NIKEiD shoe,” says Sharapova. “A lot of it is about being the individual you are, about things and colors you like, adding your personal touch and making it your own. And that’s the beauty.”

There are 13 colors and 9 different areas on the shoe that can be customized. A fade or print can be added to the upper and, as a final touch, inscribe a personal message on the tongue. $140 USD with a 5-week delivery time.

Customize now at A non-customizable version will be in stores January 1.