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Tennis Gifts 2013: Books and Baubles

Andy Murray Seventy-SevenPenned by Britain's tennis darling himself, Seventy-Seven: My Road to Wimbledon Glory is a must for any Andy Murray fan.

From his childhood, to winning Wimbledon this year, Murray shares his thoughts on the pivotal phases of his playing career with glimpses into his personal world, support team, motivators and physical battle to get to the top.

Sauce on the Murray eye-opener are Andy's photo captions, all of which (and there are many) give you his personal insight into the moments many of us witnessed as we watched his career unfold. Andy Murray: Seventy-seven: My Road to Wimbledon Glory 

Occam's Racquet_Tennis Book

Occam's Racquet is a quirky, easy read that will help any aspiring player to keep it simple. This is not a super technical tome but more of a philosophical chat that will help a developing player not to over think – a common problem that breathes error into anyone's game. Author/tennis pro Marcus Paul Cootsona's tips would make good pre-match flash cards. 

Good/funny insight too into new players that don't "dress" to play. Cootsona has clearly seen every type of player out there on his court. His read/profile on each is dead on. Occam's Racquet: 12 Simple Steps To Smarter Tennis 

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Love by Hazel NY Collection

This necklace and pendant from Love by Hazel tells it like it is. Priority one = tennis. The sterling silver racquet is 5 cm in length (2").  Classy way to express love in their favor. $250 USD

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 Gentler on the wallet, and perhaps more oriented to the younger set, is this charming tennis bracelet (above). Find at  app. $59 USD (£36.0).

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