Tennis Identity

Long, lovely and bored. What every tennis playing woman wants more of now.

Nike Safari Moves tights

Well, aside from abs like this model, we want more leggings. Black leggings are having their annual moment. Never mind that Nike now sells way-cool tights like Safari Moves above. Although these would be awesome fun under a black tennis skirt there's no ball storage.

Fila Essenza Skort Legging on court

The only leggings that work for tennis come with pockets. You can find them sporadically but never in a fun print.  

Fila pocketed leggingThe pair I own is above as part of a skapri, made by Fila. I am one with the masses and very thankful they exist but would love a little more selection in this category.

Leggings that work for tennis have little up-side-down pockets sewn onto each leg under the skirt (see right). Wilson and Nike  also sell versions with pockets. Most are all black.

Unpocketed styles are only good for running and drilling when you don't need to hang onto balls. No pockets, no go on my court.

So many tights, so few to buy. Next year…a little more selection in this category please.

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