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All-new Nike Lunar Ballistec unveiled.

Nike tennis has unveiled its newest tennis shoe just in time for the Australian Open. Below, the all-new lightweight Nike Lunar Ballistec. The pink version is available in women's sizes, the red, men's. Alternative colors TBD.

Nike Lunar Ballistec womens

 "I love the Nike Lunar Ballistec because it's so light,"  said Victoria Azarenka who will likely wear the shoe at the Australian Open. "It gives you quickness in the feet so you can be explosive when changing direction without worrying about losing control. We play on all kinds of hard surfaces so to have that type of comfort and protection is a game changer." 

Nike Lunar Ballistec Tennis Show Mens 2014

The new shoes incorporate materials used in popular football and basketball designs.

"Our primary objective was to design a revolutionary Nike Tennis shoe that makes players faster to the ball," said Michael Hui, Senior Designer of Tennis Footwear at Nike. "It wasn't about making a shoe lighter at all costs. We wanted to add to the superb durability, support and cushioning that existed in our tennis footwear to create a shoe that would improve our athlete's ability to compete and win."

The shoe is said to feel closer to the ground, something I've not felt in a Nike tennis shoe myself. A size 10 men's weighs 13 oz BTW – an ounce lighter than Federer's Zoom Vapor 9 and 3 oz. lighter than Rafa's Courtballistec 4.3. 

Available soon at select Nike retailers.