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Prince tennis simplifies selecting a racquet and adds to their line up.

Prince tennis racquet selector app
Prince has launched an interactive tennis racquet selector app designed to make the process of choosing stick an easier task. Visit to try it out.

The app runs you through six questions ranging from your level of play to your need for power. Based on your responses you are assigned a number that is then matched to a racquet that best meets your needs. Pretty easy.

Prince Tour Pro 100 tennis racquetThe racquets offered include the Prince Premier, Tour and Warrior Series introduced in fall 2013 and the NEW Pro Series (Tour Pro 100, Tour Pro 98 and Warrior Pro 100) launching this spring. All of these newbies are traditionally grommeted.

Prince Warrior 100 tennis racquetPrince will also release updated versions of EXO3 technology tennis racquets. These are Tour Series (Tour 100T, Tour 100 (16 x 18), Tour 100 (18 x 20), and Rebel Series (Tour 98 and Tour 95).

Two additional Premier models are being added as well, the Premier 115 ESP and Premier 105L ESP, which feature Prince's newest Extreme Spin Pattern Technology.

Prince's LS Series (with O3 technology) gets a cosmetic update this spring. These sticks include the Silver LS 118, Blue LS110, Red LS105 and White LS 100.

Man, Prince is sending a lot of racquets to market. Be honest answering those questions to find your best match for your game!

Australian Open Hub Jelena Jankovic & Players Appearance

 Pictured: Prince athletes Jelena Jankovic, Lucas Pouille and Annika Beck smile and sign at the Prince Hub in Australia.

Visit for more info. You can also test any of the new sticks through the demo program at Tennis-Warehouse.

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  1. Great article. I was reading an article the other day ( that also mentioned the EXO3 technology as a great option for some intermediate to advanced tennis racquets.

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