Tennis Identity

Winter clothes for tennis. Tips from inside the polar vortex.

Tennis in the polar vortex. So thankful for indoor courts this winter. But, what to wear? Vast multi court tennis structures are not known for warmth and wearing the wrong thing can mean stiffness, rough strokes and pulled muscles. Here are some of my favorite winter clothes for the tennis court.

Adidas leggings with pocketsFor women leggings are a must. Wear them as part of a skort or alone (if you've got the butt). These leggings by adidas (left) have pockets built in the legs. Wilson makes a nice pair as well. I'm not a fan of loose fitting sweats and most less-bulky capri sweats do not come with pockets so forget 'em.

I wear a long down coat with hood to the court so no worries about sweatpants.

Solfire long sleeve  tennis shirtLayers. Start with a basic tank or close fitting tee. Throw a long sleeve top over it (as right) and then add a light fleece zip up. Here's one by Lija that I love. You can unpeel as you work your way into the match.

Men, should do much the same but just say no to leggings/long underwear. I've seen it done but ehh, it's not a great look. Wear shorts under a loose fleece pant to start and then peel when warm.

If you need to keep your legs covered, Nike makes a long pant that's not too baggy around the ankles and doesn't swish when you run.

Tasc makes great feel (no odor) long sleeve to throw over that first layer tee. Asics makes a nice half-zip as well.

Mens Under-Armour Fleece JacketThat outermost layer up top should be fleece (here's one for men by Fila and one by Under-Armour) – super lightweight and unconstricting.

After you're done playing, put it all back on and add a warm hat before you head out to the tundra. 

One last and very important tip: Don't leave your tennis racquets in a freezing car for long periods of time. Not good for the racquet, your strings or your play. -K.B.