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Lonely? Want a hit? Here’s a tennis buddy for ya.

For tennis players who travel or are new in town the new Tennis Buddy app could mean good times ahead. The free app is available in the app store and with some basic information, including your game level, you'll be set up to arrange a hit anytime. 

According to Marius Kraemer, CEO at Tennis Buddy, Los Angeles is the app's most active market followed by London, Singapore, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Miami, Sydney, Atlanta and Sacramento. Growing cities include: New York, Berlin, Munich, Fresno, Melbourne, Las Vegas, Rio De Janero and Birmingham. Any city or club can join, anytime. Mass is, however, what's needed to to get it working well for all levels of play.

Anything that makes it easier to get a hit going is a good thing in my book.

Here's their video for more info: