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Maria Sharapova is the new face of Supergoop!

Maria Sharapova Supergoop sun protection tennis

A face that's never seen the sun? I think not, but after all those years on court, Maria Sharapova looks remarkably skin healthy – even without the benefits of a photo studio. The reason is likely good sun protection and genetics, of course, but I digress… Maria has taken her sun protection commitment one step further. She is the new face of Supergoop! a sun defense skincare line solely dedicated to a healthy approach to broad spectrum sun protection.

As a skin cancer survivor myself I am cheering. Fact is, if you play tennis outdoors, suncare should be a priority. Maria's attention here could make a difference, at least to tennis players.

Supergoop! Serum

In addition to signing on as brand ambassador, Sharapova will become co-owner of the company with Founder and CEO Holly Thaggard.

"Skin cancer is diagnosed more frequently than all of the leading cancers combined, yet it's primarily preventable. To date, there has not been a broad reaching voice for UV education and we’ve finally found our megaphone in Maria,” said Thaggard. 

‘’I couldn’t be more excited about my partnering with Supergoop!, a brand I trust to protect my face and body from sun damage. I am a huge fan of the products and my belief in Supergoop’s commitment to offering innovative and smart sunscreen solutions for people of all ages…’’ said Sharapova. 

Never heard of Supergoop! myself but I'm going to check it out. I am intrigued by what look to be healthier ingredients and the promise that my skin will be able to breath with this brand. Given my history, I do already slather on the sunscreen, but often feel encased and greasy. I hope this is a better alternative.