Tennis Identity

Tennis book: The Tennis Parent’s Bible.

The Tennis Parent's BibleWhether your child (or student) is a newbie to tennis or road warrior on the tournament trail, The Tennis Parent's Bible is how-to parenting nectar from the tennis gods.

This bible's author is Frank Giampaolo, a lauded 25 year tennis veteran, who runs a Junior Tennis Development program in Southern California. Giampaolo has acertained that parental involvement is absolutely critical to a child's tennis success but…key take away here… HOW you get involved and how well you understand your child's own tennis personality and dream are central to the equation.

Legions of kids with beautiful strokes leave tennis because of improper emotional development and training. There are opportunities to encourage and times to lay off and match day situations that don't involve hitting a perfect ball. 

Giampaolo addresses developing a plan, stimulating talent, nurturing character, navigating tournaments, talking about tennis, dealing with cheating, gamesmanship, accountability, mental strategy, and more. He also, very honestly, lays out the costs and time involved with being a serious tennis parent. It's not the most expensive sport but it's up there.

Help yourself, help your tennis kid. This is a very enlightening read.

Find it here: The Tennis Parent's Bible: A Comprehensive Survival Guide to Becoming a World Class Tennis Parent (or Coach)