Tennis Identity

New lunarlon tennis styles from Nike are out of this world.


Nike's newest line of lunarlon shoes are decending. Among them are two new tennis styles, one for men, one for women. Both are designed using Nike's unique lunarlon material that is said to provide optimal cushioning.

A little history: The "out-of-this-world cushioning" provided by early lunarlon 10 years back was inspired by astronauts bounding weightlessly on the moon. The brand was looking for something with cushioning and springability if you will. They came up with lunarlon, a material that began as "a fusion of lightweight Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) with the bouncy ball-like spring of Nitrile Rubber (NBR)." A blockbuster shoe was born.

Nike lunar ballistec 2014 womens

 Lunarlon shoes just keep getting better and flashy tennis options are now part of the program. They are also getting quite pricey. The new line offers what's called adaptive fit, excellent traction and support. I haven't tried them myself but they sound awesome.

Above, the new Lunar Ballistec in Ivory Grey and Pink for women. Vika Azarenka will likely wear this tennis shoe at the US Open. Below, the same shoe for men in white, photo blue and light magenta. Rafa Nadal will likely wear this at the same Slam.

Nike Lunar ballistec 2014 mens


That swoosh, it just keeps on growing doesn't it?