Tennis Identity

Making a betterer tennis racquet…for Federer and you.

That black tennis racquet Roger Federer is playing with? Wilson is just about to release it, a Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph (97-inch head), one in a line of new Pro Staff racquets that are said to be the result of a 3 year collaboration between Wilson and Federer.


"The Wilson Pro Staff line will feature rackets suited for a variety of attack-style players: from avid players to youth striving to improve their game," said Wilson. "The…rackets provide more power without compromising the classic feel long associated with the Pro Staff line." Three of the four new models will have the 97-inch head size.

Racquet graphics will be unveiled closer to a projected October 1 in-store date. I think they should leave it black.

More dets (via Wilson): "The re-engineered Pro Staff models feature a 26 percent wider racket beam providing for a significant boost in power.  Compared to Federer’s previous racket, the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph is seven percent larger, resulting in a 10 percent larger sweet spot that consistently produces more power for Federer and for tennis enthusiasts. [Our] use of braided graphite and Kevlar maintain the consistent feel that players have come to know in the Pro Staff line.

 Here's what Roger had to say about changes to his stick back in March.