Tennis Identity

Dunlop tennis introduces iDapt. Bespoke racquets now a mass reality.

Dunlop has launched its new iDapt tennis racquet line (available August 15). The iDapt is customizable, based on your level and playing style. Watch the video to see more:


iDapt technology allows players to customize their tennis racquet's headsize, look, feel and length, a process that is revolutionary to the performance tennis market. Each racquet takes less than 60 seconds to build in-store by an iDapt certified dealer. You shouldn't try it yourself.

The initial range of patented iDapt racquets features four different head options: 

iDapt 98 (98sq. inches)
iDapt 100 (100sq. inches – 16×19 string pattern)
iDapt 100S (100sq. inches – 14×18 string pattern)
iDapt 105 (105sq. inches)  

Each headsize is available in 3 different cosmetic options, so players can choose a look that suits their game and personality.


Players then select their feel through Dunlop's Shock Sleeve technology, which delivers different levels of frame response to suit each player’s needs.  Shock Sleeves are available in Firm, Medium and Soft feels.

The 'Firm' Shock Sleeve delivers maximum frame response and feedback, while the 'Medium' sleeve is 20% softer to provide a blend of response and dampening. And the 'Soft' sleeve provides the most cushioning and comfort, and is 25% softer than the Medium sleeve. 

The player can then choose their racquet length from either the standard 27” length or an extended 27.5” length, along with their gripsize, from 4 0/8  – 4 5/8.  All components fit each iDapt racquet head universally, so if a player wants to make a change to their racquet, anything can be interchanged quickly and easily through a tune up performed by a certified iDapt dealer.

iDapt racquets also feature designated 'Blast Zone' areas on the frame where players can safely add weight to further enhance the power, sweet spot, and/or stability of the racquet. Dunlop’s Blast Zone weights are made of non-toxic silicone (rather than the traditional lead), and come in 3-gram strips. 

"Tennis has become so performance oriented, and every player is different. With iDapt, players finally have a say in not only how their racquet performs and feels, but even how it looks," said Hunter Hines, Director of Marketing and Product Development. “iDapt technology gives players hundreds of choices to have a frame made to best fit the way they play. It’s all about giving players the ability to truly choose what best fits them.”