Tennis Identity

Spilling Black Milk on court.

Black Milk_leggings tennis

When it comes to creating an individual look for the court, I often look in new places. Leggings with personality are going to be BIG this fall, on the street and in the gym. Nike has produced a few ltd. eds. (for running) and if you yoga, you've probably seen prints all over the mats. With the exception of Venus William's EleVen collection, tennis is still working solids.

Above, Black Milk leggings are my current choice for breathing new life into a tennis identity as we head into cooler temps. So boss (def. not for the conservatively inclined tho). The choices are mind blowing. No pockets for the extra ball…we just tuck 'em in the waistband.

Pictured: Black Milk "Mucha" leggings, adidas Barricade 8, Babolat racquet (past ed.), Tournagrip, Nike tank, Sparkly Soul headband in black.