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Dear Santa: I want a 2015 (Babolat) for Christmas!

'Tis the season to start your holiday shopping, and the major frame makers are more than happy to oblige. Babolat's got a nice shiny new Pure Drive for you, available on December 5th with an MSRP of $199 unstrung.  For your money, you get some updated white cosmetics, and something called "FSI," or "Frame String Interaction" technology.  

2015_Pure Drive_

This means a "more narrow string pattern" around the sweet spot, to bring more control to players with each strike of the ball, and something called a "Woofer System," which "allows for longer ball contact on the string bed for more control and comfort." 

Being named Nadal would also help, too!  Two new frames, the Pure Drive Team and the Pure Drive 110 will be added to the PD family, making a total of 9 in the lineup, from Juniors to Adult. 

P.S. – Some great sales right now on past season Babolat's. Out with the old…