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6 reasons to wear a compression arm sleeve (or two) for tennis.

Milos Raonic’s single arm sleeve continues to cause a stir in the tennis world. According to a Yahoo report Raonic began to use one to protect a rash on his arm from the sun. He played well and like most found contributors to victory, the sleeve became part of his on-court kit. Is he onto something?

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I spoke with Zensah, a U.S. company specializing in compression garments, about why players in general might want to consider a compression sleeve or two.

There are 6 reasons to wear a compression arm sleeve:

Zensah says that many people in hot, sunny climes wear arms sleeves for:

1.)  sun protection

2.)  adding a pop of color to their look in an edgy modern way

Others like the:

3.) support and 4.) warmth they offer.

5.) The garments breath well and warm muscles stay loose so are less likely to be injured

Zensah Compression Elbow Sleeve

There are also compression garments for specific ailments. If you suffer from mild tennis elbow, for example, take a look at the single SleeveIt focuses solely on that troublesome joint, helping keep discomfort at bay. Targeted compression zones built into these special sleeves add stability and improve circulation that relieves elbow tendonitis and contributes to healing (that was 6.).  You can wear them during play or after, as a recovery tool.

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