Tennis Identity

Brinke’s Christmas wish list.

Santa will be making his yearly trek around the globe on the 24th, and hopefully he has some of these tennis items in his bag!  How about the Nike Men's Winter Premier RF Sweater. Either style- Medium Ash or Team Red- is fine by me.

Men's RF Sweater

And check out this Bjorn Borg Men's Fall Nikkel T-shirt.  If his name is on it, I like it.  Available at Tennis Warehouse.

Borg tee


That T would look good with this Fall Caine Full-Zip jacket, too.

Bjorn Borg warm Up

Of course, if you want The Borg Look from back in the day- look no furthur than this vintage-style jacket from Fila. The look speaks for itself. Six French, five Wimbledons.

Fila Retro jacket

Shoes? These or nothing. Check your local bank loan rates before trying to find a pair on eBay.

Nike Air Zoom RF Jordan

 And finally, I've always wanted to play with a POG, and never have. Santa, make mine 4 & 5/8's L, please.

Prince Classic Graphite Tennis Racquets

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