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New products for tennis – Holiday gifts 2014

New to market and great for the court or tennis bag, check out these gift ideas for the tennis lover on your list:

GG Vuarnet glasses

Vuarnet, the must-have French sun lenses of the 80's (remember that cat eye shape?) is back. The company is relaunching in the US with all sorts of savvy styles. We picked this lightweight VL0120 frame with blue lenses as a best fit for tennis. 100% UV protection.


Bump neoprene racquet covers are a clever idea for those who carry more than one racquet. The covers come in a variety of colors and protect precious frames from banging against each other in transit (especially via baggage handlers). We also like that you could use different colors for different tensions, or to differentiate between newly strung sticks and older ones. 

GG Chic buds

Chic Buds are a colorful alternative to the standard set that comes with your phone. We loved these colorful, tangle free earbuds AND SlimPower charger (sold separately), power back-up for that moment when your phone dies after being out on the court all afternoon and you're ready to set up that evening bevvie.

GG Ame and Lulu Tennis bag

 We adore Ame & Lulu's new Tennis Tour Bag. The tote can hold two racquets (a must in our book) and has a variety of pockets and details that elevate this brand's tennis bags to stylish new heights. Check out all the pretty, preppy prints.

GG Stick it Wear tees

Stick it Wear makes a wide range of t-shirts and tops that exude our sport via the brand's signature stick figures and slogans. These are three of our top choices from the current selection – yes, there are a couple of Borg shirts but we have to support others occasionally 😉 The art is hand drawn and screened on tasteful, cozy fabrics. Mens' designs here. Women's here.

GG chocolate stadium

Chocolate and tennis, two favs around this office. The chocolate stadium measures 7.5" across and comes in a 8.5" tin. Tennis ball chocolates are included. Order it at and watch your tennis lover smile.

GG Scoreband watches

 The newly updated Scoreband PLAY is a timepiece and scorekeeper you wear on your wrist. It buckles on like a regular watch, resists moisture and helps keep the score straight on even the most chat filled courts (and greens). Find it at

GG-Hytail hats

Hytail hats by ADActivewear cater to women who like to wear their hair in a high ponytail – a big look in active right now. Take a close look at the back of the white hat here. That wide elastic gets covered by your happy, unrestricted pony. Bonus, these caps make wearing sunglasses with hats more comfortable too.

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