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Keep your eye on the ball with the Eye Coach backed by BJK.

If you don’t focus clearly on the ball, you’re probably not going to take a clean cut at it. That’s where Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach comes in. Check out this video; it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Andrew Lawson of Eldorado Tennis in McKinney, Texas says,

“It’s a great tool. We use it at our club during drills. It keeps everyone hitting and moving. Nothing better for training the eyes to stay on contact since you are not worried about the path of the ball. It also helps on days weather keeps me off the courts. I can hit a few hundred balls in my house or garage.”

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“First and foremost, the Eye Coach gives players a new area of focus long ignored in conventional teaching, which is training your eyes to track the ball and stay with it through contact.   At the same time, it gives players on the court more opportunities to practice this training and their technical skills in time that was once occupied by rest or ball pick up. The best part about the Eye Coach is, because the player is not concerned with where the ball is going (as they are with all other practice shots), they stay down on their shot more when using it, which carries right over to their live ball player. We can’t wait to see the results over the next few years!” – Chris Marra, Head Coach at Guilford Racquet Club CT

Below, an Eye Coach display at The Tennis Show in NYC.