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A tennis REBOlution in the inner-city

Anything that can expand the game of tennis into non-traditional areas where the sport isn't normally high on kids lists, should be considered a good thing. And so it is with the new REBO Wall– a rebound wall that can be installed in almost any small space. One of the constraints of tennis is it does take up a lot of space. The REBO Wall solves this problem.


Last month, former British number one / coach to Andy Murray, Mark Petchey, was joined by local children at Hackney's Concorde Centre to launch a tennis “REBOlution” and mark the start of REBO Wall’s national UK campaign to make tennis more accessible for inner-city children.





Interested in a REBO Wall? Their UK phone is 0800 302 9292, or drop them a line.Follow Tennis IDENTITY and stay tuned. We'll be presenting all the AO fashions very soon!

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